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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Walk

The more "organic" time I spend with my children, the more I start to worry about them.

Today we went on a walk.  Nothing sophisticated.  Just a walk.  On this walk my son questioned me about a warning sign.  You see, several months ago he learned how to read "Warning."  So now he asks what the warning is on anything that says warning -the mattress tag, the refrigerator, the seat belt, the dryer...everything.  Including the neighbors sign:

Umm....picture not to scale.  =)

Typically, he asked what the warning was.  So I explained:  well, it lets people know that the house has an alarm.  So that way if someone thinks about going inside when the people aren't home and taking their stuff, they won't because they know an alarm will go off.

To this he replied:  "OR the secret spies can just go in."

I wrinkled my forehead and the walk continued.  Whenever we go on walks, my two daughters collect a bouquet of gorgeous weeds and pass them on to me, to which I take proper action and diligently position them in my hair.  By the end of these walks I generally look like an upside-down pomander.  But whatever - it's for the children.

I wasn't sure if my hair was too full or if she just wanted to secretly keep a flower for herself, but I glanced back at my youngest stuffing a flower into her pocket.
(Fine, I admit it, these pictures are fakes.)

Sweetie, the flower's gunna get smooshed.  (Yes, my word usage is atrocious when I'm speaking to my 3 year old.)

"That's okay Mommy - we can just water it."  

Sheesh.  That is seriously the LAST time I let a tv show teach my children.  


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