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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because I'm Lazy

Because I'm lazy, our living room chair looks like this about 99% of the time.  We call it our "laundry chair."

Because I'm lazy, I've been listening to this alarm clock go off for the past 20 minutes.  Then - of course - I completely forgot to turn it off after taking the picture.  And I'm too lazy to go back to the bedroom again.

No, we have no need for a 4:30pm alarm.  But because I'm lazy, I haven't taken the time to fix that.

Because I'm lazy, I cook my tortillas like this.

And yes, because I'm lazy, the chicken gets shredded in the same pot I cooked it in.  It also gets mixed with sour cream and salsa (yes, in the same pot) because I'm too lazy to actually make a sauce tonight.  Or wash an extra dish.

But because I'm awesome, my family ate dinner for less than $7.  Mmmm.

Oh, and I only have one pot to wash tonight.  So sometimes being lazy is totally awesome.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I curled my hair with a sock.

No joke.

I saw this done on Pinterest, so of course the next logical step was to try it for myself.

I took a trouser sock that no longer had a partner, and I snipped the toe off.  I rolled it up until it looked similar to a scrunchy, like so....

 I wasn't planning on blogging about this, so I didn't take pictures of the actual process, but google it and I'm sure it can be found.   Essentially I...
1. Put my hair into a ponytail (I used a little kid plastic pony tail then cut it out after the sock was all the way on to prevent "the crease."  You ladies know what I'm talking about...).
2. Strung all of my hair through the center of the sock.
3. Pulled the sock to the very ends of my hair (that was rather difficult as I have layers), with just a tiny bit feeding through the ends.
4. Rolled the sock down, making all my hair roll under the sock.  It looked like an interesting bun in the end. (I know, that was way confusing.  This is where pictures would be really helpful.)

The actual instructions tell you to dampen your hair -- I didn't do this.  Why?  Because I was too lazy.  However, even without dampening, I was blown away at my hair when I pulled the sock out.


Okay, I obviously don't have enough experience taking self-portraits because it took me for.e.ver. to figure out how to get a picture of the back of my head.  But I managed.  

I put a little smoothing serum into my hair (my hair is frizzzzz-y).  My personal favorite is the Grapeseed Glossing Serum from The Body Shop because it's not heavy and I like the smell of it.  =)

It took me all of 5 minutes (at the very most) to "install" the sock, remove it the next morning, and de-frizz my hair.  Brilliant.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.
"What if Valentines doesn't come from the store?
What if love, perhaps, means a little bit more?"

Love waits without complaining. 
Love is always kind to others.
Love doesn't want other people's toys or money or clothes.
Love never brags about what it has or what it can do.
Love doesn't think it is better than other people.
Love uses its best manners, always and with everyone. 
Love says 'you first' instead of 'me first.'
Love doesn't throw fits.
Love doesn't tattle, nor does it laugh when others are sad.
Love always forgives.  
Love doesn't think it's fun or funny to break the rules. 
Love never, ever lies.  
Love always hopes in God. Love believes that God is good, no matter what happens.
Love is a true friend, no matter what happens. 
Love lasts forever and ever.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  Put simply.  

Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians borrowed from

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Defense of Valentines

It happens every year at this time.  The cards and hearts come out and usher in the bashing of Valentine's Day.

It's just another Hallmark holiday AKA Singles Awareness Day or if you actually loved someone, you would show it all the time.  

Whatever.  I actually like Valentines Day.  Especially the chocolate.  And yes, as with most things, I have my opinions about the bashing.

Obviously if you're single and not content to be so, this day is going to bug you.  But if your reason for being irritated has everything to do with your lack of companionship (and by that I mean, if you plan on enjoying this day when you have found someone special to share it with), then the issue might be you and not the actual day.  Take this as a challenge to celebrate your family and friends.  Especially me.  With some chocolate.  Or just celebrate you.  There's no rule that says you can't buy yourself a little treat.

Or if you're of the type that says its a Hallmark holiday...then avoid the Hallmark store.  Personally, I would propose that ALL holidays are Hallmark holidays, and nearly all of us tend to give in to the retail giants during "acceptable" celebrations.  Just remember though, when it comes to celebrating any holiday, no purchase is actually necessary.  But a scotchmallow from See's never hurt anybody.

Just saying.

And the biggest argument of them all:  if you love someone, you'll let them know all year long.  I absolutely agree.  I believe showing our loved ones we care about them is important and that doing so should be a regular, if not daily, occurrence.  I'd go even further and tell you it is so important that we shouldn't just stop there.  No, we ought to go all-out on occasion (I say a minimum one day a year) with at least a love note.  And maybe a lemon truffle.  Maybe.

Final thoughts:  honestly, we would never dream of missing the celebration of Mother's Day because that could be downright offensive.  I mean, it's your mother.  But somehow we justify away the festivities of Valentine's Day because, well, "I told him I loved him yesterday."  Isn't that enough?  No, no it isn't.

Unless you also shared some chocolate butter creams.

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