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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because I'm Lazy

Because I'm lazy, our living room chair looks like this about 99% of the time.  We call it our "laundry chair."

Because I'm lazy, I've been listening to this alarm clock go off for the past 20 minutes.  Then - of course - I completely forgot to turn it off after taking the picture.  And I'm too lazy to go back to the bedroom again.

No, we have no need for a 4:30pm alarm.  But because I'm lazy, I haven't taken the time to fix that.

Because I'm lazy, I cook my tortillas like this.

And yes, because I'm lazy, the chicken gets shredded in the same pot I cooked it in.  It also gets mixed with sour cream and salsa (yes, in the same pot) because I'm too lazy to actually make a sauce tonight.  Or wash an extra dish.

But because I'm awesome, my family ate dinner for less than $7.  Mmmm.

Oh, and I only have one pot to wash tonight.  So sometimes being lazy is totally awesome.


Rida said...

But you weren't too lazy to take pictures of your laziness... I don't even do that! :)

Jessie Bee said...

You make a good point Rida.

Joyful said...

Love this post. It reflects real life for most people :-)

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