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Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Defense of Valentines

It happens every year at this time.  The cards and hearts come out and usher in the bashing of Valentine's Day.

It's just another Hallmark holiday AKA Singles Awareness Day or if you actually loved someone, you would show it all the time.  

Whatever.  I actually like Valentines Day.  Especially the chocolate.  And yes, as with most things, I have my opinions about the bashing.

Obviously if you're single and not content to be so, this day is going to bug you.  But if your reason for being irritated has everything to do with your lack of companionship (and by that I mean, if you plan on enjoying this day when you have found someone special to share it with), then the issue might be you and not the actual day.  Take this as a challenge to celebrate your family and friends.  Especially me.  With some chocolate.  Or just celebrate you.  There's no rule that says you can't buy yourself a little treat.

Or if you're of the type that says its a Hallmark holiday...then avoid the Hallmark store.  Personally, I would propose that ALL holidays are Hallmark holidays, and nearly all of us tend to give in to the retail giants during "acceptable" celebrations.  Just remember though, when it comes to celebrating any holiday, no purchase is actually necessary.  But a scotchmallow from See's never hurt anybody.

Just saying.

And the biggest argument of them all:  if you love someone, you'll let them know all year long.  I absolutely agree.  I believe showing our loved ones we care about them is important and that doing so should be a regular, if not daily, occurrence.  I'd go even further and tell you it is so important that we shouldn't just stop there.  No, we ought to go all-out on occasion (I say a minimum one day a year) with at least a love note.  And maybe a lemon truffle.  Maybe.

Final thoughts:  honestly, we would never dream of missing the celebration of Mother's Day because that could be downright offensive.  I mean, it's your mother.  But somehow we justify away the festivities of Valentine's Day because, well, "I told him I loved him yesterday."  Isn't that enough?  No, no it isn't.

Unless you also shared some chocolate butter creams.


Joy said...

I say use every excuse to make a celebration! And now I want to go to See's...thanks Jessie:)

Andrew said...

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