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Friday, August 5, 2011

Because. That's Why.

So, you already know we had a very very busy two weeks.  Very busy.  One could almost say they were Massively busy.

And when life becomes that busy, one stops cooking.  Yet one must not stop eating.  So we didn't.  Instead we ate things like pizza, pasta, burgers (In-N-Out, of course), and frozen yogurt.  All delicious, but they all have one thing in common:  they should be consumed in moderation.


No worries, friends, because a couple weeks back my husband and I watched an intriguing documentary about an unhealthy guy who went on a juice fast and became healthy.  My husband promptly suggested we do this, which of course we promptly didn't.  (Hey - life got busy then.)

Anyhow, when the couple weeks were over and our extra flab was extra flabbier, we decided to go for it.  Only we've modified it slightly.  Instead of drinking solely juice for all our meals, we drink some form of this twice a day:

....then follow it up with some CRAZY DELICIOUS (but healthy) dinner - because by that time I want FOOD!

For those of you who just freaked out because you thought we were drinking creamed spinach, it actually started out looking like this:

That's some orange juice, a banana (natural sweetener, yaya!), a whole carrot, red chard, and some kale.  Talk about food coloring, eh?  I thought this looked pretty.  My husband actually goes lighter on the banana (as in NO banana), lighter on the kale and chard (which I think might actually mean NO kale or chard) and a lot heavier on the frozen fruit.

P.S.  Why did I decide to do the hundred push up challenge?!?  I ache all over and have to go at it again tomorrow.  AGH!  So, who's going to join me?


Michelle said...

Yum! I want a juicer! I am also starting the 100 push-up challenge on Monday!

Jessie Bee said...

Yay!!! You'll TOTALLY have to keep me updated. I woke up in so much pain, then remembered I have to do push-ups today. Goodness no, please. Haha!

Also, we actually don't have a juicer. As you can see, we use a blender (though we put out for a pretty decent blender a few months back) and do "whole juicing" which essentially use the whole fruit. Brilliant, huh? But I feel SO much better. We were planning on going at this for a week, but I'm now leaning towards a month - it seriously makes such a difference in how I feel.

The Professor's Wife said...

Awesome Jessie! I would do a 10 push-up challenge, maybe....

Jessie Bee said...

I think I might rethink my 100 push up challenge and join you, Andrea. =)

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