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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning the Art of Budgeting.

Ever since we paid off all our debt, my husband and I have been learning to live on a budget.  While we've managed to stay out of debt, not wasting money is still a learning process for us.  Here are a few lessons I've learned along the way:

1. My husband and I found out we prefer dates that don't include movie theaters.
2. Pizza or spaghetti once a week is NOT going to kill us.  
3. Oatmeal is about the cheapest breakfast option there is.  
4. Kids grow out of clothes (or stain them) TOO fast to buy them all new.  
5. I won't buy used underwear, but I still can't buy my daughters princess underwear.  Why?  Six pairs for $9 or nine pairs for $6? Hmmm.
6. There is an AWESOME play structure Downtown....and it's free.  
7. There are killer finds to be found at the thrift store.  Such as a Camelbak filter cleaner:  spent $1.20.  Sold it on ebay for $14.  Sweet.
8. I can make some pretty decent iced coffee (thanks Jenny for the help!) that costs pennies to make.
9. New bestsellers:  $14.  Used bestsellers: $1  
10. My kids don't mind not being in every activity.  They don't notice that they're not wearing Baby Gap.  They don't need the latest toys or the fanciest bike (in fact, two of my kids don't even HAVE bikes).  They just want me and Daddy to notice them.  And play with them.  Read to them, and talk with them.  And all of that is 100% free.  

See, I'm learning.  =)


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