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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Expensive Paper and Push-ups

The Most Expensive Butcher Paper in the World
Once upon a time a girl went to the local store and bought some butcher paper.  The girl put the paper in the cart and walked to her car.  Where she promptly left her butcher paper in the cart.  And got in the car.
So when she got home and realized she did not have her butcher paper, she returned to the store.
She looked in the carts for her butcher paper.
She looked at Customer Service for her butcher paper.
She looked at the register for her butcher paper.
The butcher paper was not found.  
So she bought more.
Yes, she paid twice for one roll of butcher paper.

That was a bit frustrating.  Especially since it was needed to ship a HUGE amount of ebay items, donated by an amazing women in an effort to support our adoption fundraising.  But it's hard to complain when I spent WAY less on the roll (err..rolls) of paper than I've made selling the donations.  

Shortly after arriving home with my Expensive Paper, I discovered my daughter was helping me out by applying "glue" to the envelopes.  She's such a...sweetie.

With all that's been going on these past two weeks, I did what any sane person would do:  

I think its pretty comical when it says,
 "Once you've collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor and your arms have stopped trembling from the exertion, make a note (mental or otherwise) of how many, or how few, push ups you were able to perform."

I'm curious if they honestly thought that 16 seconds of exercise would turn me into a "sweaty heap."  But yes, it did make my arms tremble.  And I supposed I just assumed it took about one second to do a push-up when I said 16 seconds, because I pulled off 16.  Okay, I guess the last 3 took me slightly longer.  Hehe.
But hey - that's more than I expected!

Assuming I do as well blogging about this as I did my Project Pizza, you'll never hear about this again.   Actually, I'm just waiting for my sister ('ahem') to email over pictures of my last attempt at pizza.
So maybe you will hear about the push-up challenge again. 
Hopefully I'll be able to do 17 by then.


The Professor's Wife said...

Was it Sedonah who applied the "glue"?

Jessie Bee said...

How'd you guess? =)

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