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Friday, July 1, 2011

Six Months

Unbelievable.  It's been a whopping 6 months since I wrote my Thimble List and approximately 6 months since I even thought to look at it.


So I assume now would be a good time to evaluate said list and laugh at my progress.

It's okay, you can laugh too.

1. Start a blog I'm awesome.   Just glad that I didn't require it to be an excellent one.
2. Complete 5 paintings - I have completed one, and it currently resides in the dark recesses of the garage. 
3. Read 24 books, minimum -  Actually doing decent here.  Well, so long as I can count "Go, Dog, Go" and "Green Eggs and Ham."  If you're going to be picky about this, then harumph (in an attempt to own another word) - I'm not even half done.
4. Walk 3 times a week, minimum - Not doing too bad.  In fact, at my last blood appointment, the guy taking my stats was pretty impressed by my numbers.  "Do you do a lot of cardio?" he asked.   =)
5. Finish Quickbooks class - Uuuuhhhh.  Well I never actually paid the college so they dropped me from the class before it even started.  So no.

1. Plant 5 vegetables successfully - Right.  Remember this cute craft?  Total failure.  And my neighbor's cat is using my raised bed as it's personal litter box, which I'm thinking is bad for the carrot seeds I planted in there.  My onions are doing awesome, but that's about it. 
2. Cook 1 new recipe a week - blog about it - Seriously??  I wrote this??  Big harumph.  
3. Put $x per month into savings - Never actually defined "x" so let's just assume it's zero = total success.  
4. Start a monthly budget - STICK TO IT! - Got the monthly budget part down.  Just really wish I hadn't added that qualifier.  

1. Read the Bible daily (finish O.T. by years end, minimum) - Wow, that's convicting.
2. Personal Ministry Goal - Actually....YES!!!!
3. Study 6 topics in-depth - Don't even remember what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I'm pretty sure it was brilliant.  
4. Memorize 2 Timothy 4 - "Preach the word.  Be ready in season and out of season."  That's all I have and I'm thinking that's not even the first verse, and obviously done in my own translation.  I'll get to work on that.

1. Pray earnestly about adoption: timing, location, funds  Since this is a constant burden on our hearts, I'm happy to say I have done this, and will continue to do this.  Feel free to join me.  =)
2. Family ministry goal - Harumph.  
3. Be consistent with family Bible time.  Double harumph.
4. Take more pictures of the kids - Aaaaand triple harumph.  (I totally own it now. Woot.)
5. Organize all my digital pictures! - I've taken about 22 pictures this year.  Not terribly hard to organize.  But I did say "all", didn't I?  Probably should change this to "Find all my digital pictures" instead.  Now THAT would be an accomplishment.

So, with six months over, I'm going to adjust my list.

1. Continue blog
2. Complete panel painting 
3. Read 24 books, minimum
4. Walk 3 times a week, minimum
5. Learn something new - What?  Not specific enough for you?  At least I'll be able to cross it off in 6 months.  

1. Plant 2 more vegetables successfully
2. Perfect my pizza skills
3. Build half of FFEF by end of year 
4. Organize my garage whilst keeping painting hidden

1. Read the Bible daily 
2. Continue personal ministry
3. Finish studying Daniel; study Ezekiel
4. Memorize 2 Timothy 4 - like, the whole thing, and not just verse 2

1. Continue to pray earnestly about adoption: timing, location, funds
2. Family ministry goal*
3. Be consistent with family Bible time
4. Develop homeschool schedule for fall (Can somebody say "aaaggghhhh!")

I'm sure I'll forget to do some of this, but at least its written down to be laughed at later.  So here's to the next 6 months...



The Professor's Wife said...

Haha - I totally relate!

Jessie Bee said...

But at least YOU were looking at your list weekly. =) Oh, ps, glad to see you blogging again.

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