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I am a seeker of God, a help-meet to my husband and a mother to my 3 children. I love hot lattes, good books, cold weather and anything that inspires me to be creative. I desire simplicity and authenticity, but often have to remind myself to seek those .
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Want to Talk About Me.

Usually I wait until I'm hit by lightening to post something new because it takes about that long to come up with a brilliant idea.  With all of this Southern California heat making itself comfortable here, I've been getting worried that the lightening is a long way off.  So I stressed and then the idea came:  this is my blog, let's talk about me.  

I am a twin.  I am 3 minutes younger than my twin sister, and no, we don't know if we are identical or fraternal. It's been theorized that we could possibly be "semi-identical" (aka polar body) twins, though this is rare.

I am a mother. I have 3 children.  Do I love them more than I love your children?  Yes.  Do I think the world revolves around them?  No.  They are perfectly imperfect and it's an honor to teach them to love others as Christ does.  Yes, my husband and I want more.  Yes, our additional child(ren) will mostly likely come to us via adoption.  No, that shouldn't be regarded as weird or crazy or ambitious.  Don't forget, God Himself is constantly adopting children of His own.

I am crafty.  I love to be crafty.  But I get overwhelmed when my house is messy.  Since I have 3 kids, my house is always messy.  So unfortunately I spend more time cleaning than I do being crafty.  Poor, poor pitiful me.

I love learning, but I don't retain knowledge well.  So if I read a book that taught me something fascinating, I could only reiterate about 5% of it back to you, and it would be sprinkled with "I think it said" and "I don't remember exactly."  Still, I would be a college student my whole life if I could do it debt-free.

I absolutely love:  soap bars, snowman, cookbooks, calla lilies, the smell of old books, and my blue couch.

I can't stand when there is hair stuck on my soap bars.  It grosses me out.  But what grosses me out more than anything?  People brushing their teeth in their car.  *gag*

I'm a horrible hostess.  So if you come to my house, grab yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable.  I'll invite you over more often.

I don't understand why they don't make whole wheat bagels with blueberries in them.  Or cinnamon and raisins.  Or any dried fruit.  I'd totally buy them.  Well, maybe not whole wheat bagels with prunes.

My husband and I do not have a perfect marriage.  We've had some awesome highs, and we've had some pretty bad lows.  But we're still together, we love each other, and we feel overwhelmingly blessed to be on the same journey.

I am not a perfect person.  I get grumpy, I question my worth daily, and I lose my patience with my kids.  But I love my family, I love my friends, and I love that I have everything I need, not to mention tons of stuff that I don't need but love.  Like my blue couch.  And especially now that it's topped with these folks:


Blue Rose Mama said...

I feel ya on the whole "wish I could be more crafty but have to clean" thing! That's interesting that you don't know what type of twin you are...I always thought you were identical! BTW, I also have blue sofas...LOVE blue and blue roses. I also miss playing sports...with a team of we used to. Growing up is hard work! You're doing a great job at it! ;o)

Jessie Bee said...

Blue roses? Are those natural or do they have to be modified?

And yay for blue couches!

The Professor's Wife said...

As someone who has been to your house several times, you are an awesome hostess and an amazing cook! I am with you on the brushing teeth in the car thing - bleh. And as your kids get older, I am sure you will have more time for crafts!

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