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I am a seeker of God, a help-meet to my husband and a mother to my 3 children. I love hot lattes, good books, cold weather and anything that inspires me to be creative. I desire simplicity and authenticity, but often have to remind myself to seek those .
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Consider This My Thimble List

(If a bucket list is a compilation of things you want to do before you die, consider this my thimble list of 2011.)

"A dream is just a dream until it is written down - then it becomes a goal."

Sure, its cliche to blog about a bunch of resolutions for a new year. Then again its cliche to blog...period. But a friend of mine has inspired me to be goal-oriented this year, if for no other reason than to look back and say I accomplished something. Okay, I suppose having three children gives me the right to say that either way. But I'm not content with that. So here is my list:

1. Start a blog
2. Complete 5 paintings
3. Read 24 books, minimum
4. Walk 3 times a week, minimum
5. Finish Quickbooks class

1. Plant 5 vegetables successfully
2. Cook 1 new recipe a week - blog about it
3. Put $x per month into savings
4. Start a monthly budget - STICK TO IT!

1. Read the Bible daily (finish O.T. by years end, minimum)
2. Personal Ministry Goal*
3. Study 6 topics in-depth
4. Memorize 2 Timothy 4

1. Pray earnestly about adoption: timing, location, funds
2. Family ministry goal*
3. Be consistent with family Bible time
4. Take more pictures of the kids
5. Organize all my digital pictures!

And my greatest goal: love more, give more.


The Professor's Wife said...

Yeah! Now we can be blog sisters!
I love your title, and the font is gorgeous!
We do have similar homemaking goals - that is so fun :).

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