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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bee Currency

(My mom came over and gave me this adorable honey pot as inspiration for my blog. Thank you Mom!)


I am a twin - a nearly identical twin. I love being a twin and have always loved being a twin.

But growing up, there was one part of being a twin that I did not particularly enjoy - the part about not getting to not be a twin. In other words, I didn't get to be unique. My parents were amazing here. My mom and dad identified our differences and praised them. We rarely received identical presents at Christmas, we always got separate cakes on our birthday, we had (wildly) different wardrobes, even had different hair cuts when it mattered (because at 2, it didn't). But in all their awesomeness, they forgot to do one small thing: give me a nickname.

On movie nights, outings to the museum, dinner time, younameit, roll call sounded something like: Bear-Bear!! Tay-Tay!! Umm....Jessica.

Around 5th grade or so, I decided to remedy the problem by christening myself with a nickname: Smurfette. It lasted approximately 4 days. It's laughable now. Well, it was laughable then, too. That's just not how a nickname works, and it's definitely not how a nickname should sound.

So I trudged onward in life, nicknameless. In my junior high years my family joined the homeschool movement and, in a daring, wild, and risky move, I began introducing myself as "Jessie". Still lacked a Smurfette sort of allure, but it was change, and it wasn't my "real" name. That was fun.

Then, in college my dad built me this magnificent computer, complete with a black tower - the first I had ever seen. I powered her up and the angel's began singing...there on my screen was my username: Jessie Bee. You see, my middle name is Beth, so he took the "B" and nicknamerized it. AWESOME! And though you're not going to hear my parents shout "Jessie Bee! We're sitting over here!", it was still a nickname and it was mine.

Hence "Bee".


This one is a bit easier to explain, especially if you've read the poem on my main page. That poem was given to me by a good friend, accompanied with a note, "Jess, this reminds me of you - how you're always creating memories!"

A life well-lived will gain a priceless collection of memory coins, and that is my ultimate goal.

Thus, the goal for this blog is to write down the memories I am building, whether they be mundane or not. And as such, I hope to build my wealth in Bee Currency.

Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Mom and Dad, I do not hold any grudge against not having a nickname. Think of it this way - if I had been given a nickname then, I wouldn't have a blog title now. I love you guys and all you have poured into my life. =)


The Professor's Wife said...

Thanks for explaining Jesse! (By the way you are a really good writer)

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