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I am a seeker of God, a help-meet to my husband and a mother to my 3 children. I love hot lattes, good books, cold weather and anything that inspires me to be creative. I desire simplicity and authenticity, but often have to remind myself to seek those .
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a bad blogger.

Not kidding.  Just google "How to write a good blog" and I promise I'll show up under the section "examples of bad ones."  I break all the rules.

1. I don't blog consistently.  I lead a rather mundane life of raising kids, cooking dinner, and cleaning toilets.  Therefore, I don't have a consistent repertoire of suspenseful anecdotes to share.    

2. I'm a pathetic photographer.  No, seriously.  Most of the authors of my favorite blogs use "THEBESTCAMERAEVER 3000" or a similar model.  My pictures come from a smorgasbord of ridiculous snapshots taken from such mediums as my awful camera phone, my yogurt-crusted pink point-and-shoot, and my husband's iphone (when I can manage to sneak away with it).  And I have no motivation to change.  Sorry folks.

3. I use too many commas.  But honestly, nothing is as cool as possessing the power to make a reader pause, if only for a second.  =)  But for grammar fanatics, I'm sure its just annoying.

4. I don't stick to a common theme.  You know, I really don't even want to discuss this one.  If I ever get around to Project Pizza: Attempt #2, then at least I'll have two blogs in common.

5. I call posts "blogs".

6. I don't link, I don't archive, I don't copyright and you can't subscribe. In fact, I JUST learned what an RSS feed is tonight.  All my favorite blogs have links to previous posts right on the page, they have easy access to their archives organized by theme (snobbish, I agree), and they include the ability to subscribe via a little RSS feed.  And I'm so clueless, I don't even know if I explained that right.

With all that said, I'm stunned I have any readers at all.  (a quick aside:  does anybody else find it creepy that blog readers are called "followers"?)  But if General MacArthur is correct then, when the internet becomes obsolete and blogging is an extinct form of art, my blog will be one of the few people will talk about.  Well, at least the 20 of you on the right hand side of my computer screen.  =)

“You are remembered for the rules you break.”

-George MacArthur


Shannon C. Whitten said...

Well I love your blog!

Jessie Bee said...

Haha - thanks!

But I thought of a #7. I have a bad title. Who even knows what Bee Currency is?? =)

The Professor's Wife said...

You are a clever and interesting writer - that is why people love your blog! And I am with you that "followers" sounds creepy!

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