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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Planning for 2014

It may seem odd that I'm writing to you about 2014 right now, in June of 2013.  But really it's not that odd.  

The reason I bring it up is because today my husband and I put some things on the calendar for 2014.  Not big, huge, amazing things.  But things that require a little money.  So immediately after we put those things on the calendar, I then put them in our budget, because a couple years ago I learned a valuable lesson:

$$$ ÷ now = $$$


$$$ ÷ time = $

I wrote a little more about it in this post.  The concept is called "sinking funds" and it's so simple, it's brilliant.  You start putting a little money away now for future commitments (annual bills, trips, big purchases) so that when you need to write the check for the large amount later, it doesn't hurt.

Seriously, I encourage you to start doing this.  Keep it simple and pull out some envelopes, write next years plans on them, and start putting a small amount in them each month.  Or transfer it into another bank account, separate from your regular checking account, and record it in a notebook.  One day you'll be glad you did.  

Like in 2014.  


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