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Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Party Success!

Today is my son's 6th birthday.  They're not lying when they say they grow up too fast.  This morning I watched him making pancakes for breakfast.  He asked me to come over and pour some into shapes so I tried, but they kept coming out funny.  "That one looks like a pickle."  "That one looks like the moon."  At least he was positive about it.  Apparently I even made one that looked like a chrysalis.  Props to me for that.

Since his birthday fell on a Monday, we decided to have his birthday party on Saturday.  And MAN did we have fun!!  We asked the boys to come at 9am, still dressed in their p.j.'s.  We fed them cereal, watched Saturday morning cartoons and had a rockin' pillow fight.

Here are some pics of the event!

The invitation.  Funny story about Noah.  My son said he wanted to invite this little boy to the party, but I found out later that he was no longer in C's AWANA group...and hadn't been since LAST YEAR.  With no way to contact him, we had to forfeit the attempt.

We had gobs of cereal waiting for them!

Coloring pages of Phineas and Ferb - C's cartoon of choice.

Can't forget the vitamins!
The favors, their own cereal spoon and some magic milk straws.
(They also took home a box of their own cereal concoction.)

Pillows are fluffed and ready for the pillow fight.
My blue couch joined in the festivities.  Can you see why I love it so much?  : )
The pillow fight!
The Birthday (pan)Cake!  Layered with chocolate chips, this was a huge hit!

Overall, this party was absolutely perfect.  I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for an easy (and affordable) birthday option!  

(For more ideas on the event, take a look at the blog where I stole this idea from here.)


Blue Rose Mama said...

We just had Josef's morning birthday also! It was tons of fun and not as difficult to plan because half the party was eating breakfast and "yogurt parfait cake." We made a pinata of a fireman's hat the week before and stuffed it with "morning" goodies (little toys on theme, breakfast gummies, balls, etc.) We had a breakfast buffet all set up so we all ate together (egg sandwiches, fruit plate, etc.) They played a game with bandaids (cheap, fun and easy!) And otherwise just played doctor/policeman/fireman (his theme choice.) Totally a blast and yes, much cheaper than what we normally do! :o) Sounds like you guys are now fans of morning parties too!

Jessie Bee said...

YES - I am now a convert. It sounds like you did things a wee bit healthier, which I'm sure the mom's appreciated. =)

The Professor's Wife said...

How awesome! I'm sure Cadence will always remember this birthday

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