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Sunday, October 16, 2011


I have two siblings and five cousins in my generation of the family tree.  The kicker here is that, of the 8 of us, we are ALL FEMALE.  So I missed out on some seemingly necessary information regarding the opposite sex.  Some of it was easy to understand and accept:  they like dirt, and trucks, and blowing things up.  And if they can't participate in it themselves, they like to watch shows about it.  But after being married to a man for the past 7 years, one thing still puzzles me.

Why do men believe they have the power to change the color of a traffic light?


Andrew said...

We literally do. Sometimes the magnetic plates don't notice a car, and legend tells us it will right the wrong if one pulls into the crosswalk.

Jessie Bee said...

Yes, I have seen this power present itself via the pointing finger, the snap, the countdown and the engine-rev. I'd be curious to know which wigwam you guys are all meeting in and gathering these legends from.

Anonymous said...

I am female, and actually claim to have this ability myself. It may be that while my dad was gone, I rode in the front seat for many years acting as GPS for my mom, enabling me to develop said ability.

Jessie Bee said...

Oh, I never said women didn't have the power. ;)

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