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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the other hand...

Almost two weeks ago I blogged about the mean words a completely random stranger said to me.  I won't lie, they hurt.  But I also knew the person didn't know me and probably had plenty more issues of her own.

Jump to today when I went to a doctors appointment.  The doctor started asking me some basic questions, starting with, "What do you do for work?"  I answered simply: "I'm a mom."  To most people, it's a rather generic answer that potentially implies I'm uneducated and socially unproductive.  However, this doctor stopped punching buttons into the computer and looked up at me.  "That's wonderful!" he said.  I smiled, surprised by his response.

He continued: "How many children?  1...2...?"
"Three," I said.
"Ah, so you're a busy mom."

There it was.  That's the response that ALWAYS comes.  Three kids?  Wow, you must be busy.  No longer are moms with more than 1.2 children blessed; we are now busy.  Well, I did have one OB/GYN who celebrated my third pregnancy and kept reminding me how much fun my dinner tables would be.  That has always stuck with me.

But then the doctor today said it again...."How wonderful!  Will you be having any more children?"

I rarely, if ever, get this question.  Most people consider 3 to be a large family; that only ladies in denim jumpers would consider more.  So they don't ask.

When I told him that we were currently in the process of adopting, his praises continued.  "You sound like such a wonderful mom!  That's what we need....more great mothers and fathers."

By this time I was beaming.  I've rarely ever been praised by strangers for having children and choosing to be a stay-at-home mom.  But he was genuinely praising my position, and I was hugely touched.

So, to all you mommies out there:  YOU'RE WONDERFUL!  =)


Joy said...

What a blessing to be validated! You ARE a wonderful mom, Jessie! AND you're a blessing to have as a friend as well (albeit from a distance!).

The Professor's Wife said...

How awesome! Do you have a Christian doctor?

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