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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mango Smoothie

My whole summer has been a competition:  me vs the heat.  I'm a wimp when it comes to hot weather, and so instead of surrendering, I fought back.  I dragged in our wimpy ol' one room air conditioner (which literally only cools about 1 foot in front of the system), turned all the fans on to HIGH, visited my mom's pool nearly every afternoon aaaaand......

....made these:

My kids know it as mango ice cream (its the consistency of frozen yogurt).  Want to know the recipe??  You sure?  It's really complex.  And time consuming.  Totally worth it, though.

Got your pen ready?  Okay, here goes:


Start with some mango (frozen is preferred).
Grab some plain yogurt (we use Fage).

Dump those into a blender, in equal parts.  

Blend till smooth.  Pour into glasses.  

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and consume...but not too much.  It's totally loaded with artificial sugars, preservatives, and fake stuff.  ;)  Only kidding.   



Joy said...

Looks and sounds super yummy...hope I'll be able to figure out how to make it:) Thanks for sharing Jessie :)

Jessie Bee said...

Let me know if you need any help. =)

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