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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smoothies and Pinterest

I recently taught my two older kids how to work our blender, which has turned smoothie-making into a four or five-times-a-day occurrence.  That's actually fine with me because they put healthy things like frozen berries and greek yogurt into them.  Or, at least I thought they were using the greek yogurt.  It finally occurred to me that all the yogurt was still sitting in our fridge, untouched, so I asked my daughter which yogurt she was using.  She showed me...

I really need to teach her to read better.  But at least it was the European-style sour cream...the kind that uses milk as its only ingredient.  But still, ewww.

And then there was my son's smoothie.  Our recent peanut butter purchase suggested using the peanut butter in your smoothie, so my son insisted on listening.  He said it tasted really good so I suggested he write down the ingredients so he'll remember how to make it in the future:

Cantaloupe??  Gag!  But he was proud of it so of course I praised his...uhhh....creativity, and that was all the encouragement he needed to make another one an hour later.

Oh, and I finally pintered  pinterested  made something from pinterest!  Something tells me we could use a few more coloring books but, thanks to Target's school sale, we have plenty of crayons. =)

Sure, judge me for making the easiest thing I could find, but it's done and the kids totally love it.  Now they can color while they drink their sour cream and cantaloupe smoothies.  Yum.


Joy said...

Cool idea! I'm all for easy solutions that make life simpler rather than complicating it!:)

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