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I am a seeker of God, a help-meet to my husband and a mother to my 3 children. I love hot lattes, good books, cold weather and anything that inspires me to be creative. I desire simplicity and authenticity, but often have to remind myself to seek those .
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Weekend

I don't have much to blog about right now because, for the first time since last year (hahaha.  yes, I still totally get a kick out of that), the one word that describes our weekend is "lazy."  And "awesome."  Err...."lazyawesome."

This past weekend, we had us some naps:

I made my best pot of beef stew to date:

And somehow my husband totally rocked it in the cookie department.  I'm not trying to imply that he can't bake a batch of cookies - he can - but he doesn't have a lot of baking experience to his name, so naturally I expected him to produce an average-tasting confectionery treat.  Especially when he had to make home-made brown sugar because we ran out (pretty sure my kids eat way more oatmeal in this house than is normal).

I distinctly heard some angels hollering when I bit into one.  They were crazy-good...sent directly to us from cookie paradise.  Mmm-mmm.


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