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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food 101: Italian Bread

Italian bread vs French bread?  Yeah, I had to look up the difference, too.

Well, with the number of times I have baked French bread, I already knew the characteristics of a good loaf:  crusty outside, fluffy inside.

But I wanted to make some rustic bread for homemade subs, and I knew French wasn't going to accomplish that purpose.  So I began googling and ran across a recipe for simple Italian bread - soft outside, and airy on the inside, perfect for sandwiches!  (I guess the technical term nowadays is "sammies" or "sammiches," but call me old fashioned, I'm sticking with the vintage expression 'sandwich'.)  Here is my first batch of Italian bread (made smaller for sandwich-making):

Here is the recipe I pulled from:  It's so very basic, but a great starting point if you're new to bread baking.  Because these were for sandwiches and I wanted to go one step further than plain bread, I glazed the top with honey then sprinkled on some crushed oats.  Talk about delicious!

Dinner is served!


The Professor's Wife said...

Wow does that look delicious!
I think I will have to try this recipe

Michelle said...

those look amazing! i'm assuming a size comparison is too late to ask for, those look so good i'm sure they didn't last much longer after those pictures were taken! approximate size?

Jessie Bee said...

Well, you can kind of see my hand in the top sub sandwich. I would guess that they were about 8 inches long (slightly longer than a 6 inch sub), and 4 inches wide.

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