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Saturday, March 12, 2011

DIY: Old Ugly Chair

When we moved into our current house, the previous tenants had left behind a couple things:  a useful bathroom cabinet, a washer and dryer (these were a godsend!), and this old, ugly chair:

Did I mention old and ugly?  Being a family of 5 who only owned 4 chairs we definitely made use of it, but not without hesitation.  And when we finally accumulated enough chairs to justify ridding our habitat of this...this...thing, I promptly posted an ad on craigslist and generously offered it to the community.  Who knows - perhaps there was another family of 5 with only 4 chairs to their name.  I advertised it the same way any old, ugly thing is advertised:  "Well loved chair in need of caring new home!"  I had previously given away a broken vacuum, the washer and dryer set (after they broke down), a "well loved" t.v. table that was missing its only shelf, and pumpkins left over from Halloween.   And yet, despite the great advertisement, I could not manage to dispose of this, well, this ugly menace.  I wasn't about to send something so practical to the dump, and since apparently nobody wanted it, I was stuck.

Fine, chair, have it your way.  But I wasn't about to take this abuse sitting down.  So I grabbed some sandpaper, paint, and a hot glue gun (yeah...easier than sewing) and got to work.  End result?  THIS:

Take THAT chair!

I even had some fun adding shabby-chic touches to it:

So I say let this serve as a warning to all old ugly chairs...


The Professor's Wife said...

It's beautiful! You are so creative Jessie. At some point, I want to reappolster our couches, but the thought scares me, lol.

AP Mommy said...

Great job! I find a staple gun even more easy than sewing or glue ;)

Leah said...

Man! I would have taken the chair! I've been looking for two chairs for my (not yet made) kitchen table.

Blue Rose Mama said...

Sometimes a little elbow grease is better than a bonus at work! Great job converting something unwanted into a treasure. :o)

Jessie Bee said...

Thanks ladies! I would have totally used a staple gun, except that I don't own one. =( But I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Linda said...

Your dad does - or we know what to get you for your birthday - really impressed :)

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