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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Special Event

For the past few years, my Grandma has gifted us with San Diego Zoo passes (because, apparently, our children aren't wild enough).  We love them (the passes....and the kids).

One of the neat things about a zoo membership is the magazine that comes each month.  Well, not all the magazines.  I'll admit, some of them we never even open.  But there is one issue in particular that I love - the "calendar" edition.  It's essentially a free calendar, which I appreciate because I don't see the point in paying $15 to know what day it is.  We do have a local calendar fairy who leaves one-month calendars on our porch, but they're boring and the local real estate agent usually marks them up before we get to them. But the magazine calendar is glossy and, instead of pictures of Kevin Sheedy Realty, has interesting animals plastered throughout. So here is our calendar, in all its crumpled glory (crumpled, because I didn't realize it was the calendar issue and, well, it got tossed into a basket).

However, I walked by it recently and noticed an important event scheduled that was NOT written in my handwriting.  Or my husband's.  

It's left me wondering - is this some sort of celebration at the zoo?  Or.....uh oh.


The Professor's Wife said...

Oh my!

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