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Friday, July 15, 2011

We have dogs!!

(for the week).

I'll explain:

In an attempt to build up our savings, my husband and I have been thinking outside the box on ways to make additional money.   We both love dogs and have seriously thought about getting one of our own, but when we put ourselves on a budget, we realized there was no money for dog food.  Or a dog, for that matter.

Not too long ago we dog sat for a good friend of my mom's and had a blast doing it.  And then it was as though the cosmic puzzle pieces aligned themselves (or rather, I saw an ad on craigslist.  Same thing though, right?) and a brilliant idea was born: we'll advertise ourselves as dog sitters.

So far we've been asked to do daycare for a toy poodle while her owner goes to beauty school.
We've also been asked to watch a dog...for a year.   =|  I'm glad they didn't ask that in person.

We've also had some successful responses.  Like these two dogs:

Here's Flounder, the 2 year old basset hound who is the sweetest thing EVER. Not to mention she loves the kids to death.  Well, not to death.  We do have some restrictions on the types of dogs we watch and "loving to death" is expressly forbidden.  But every morning she runs straight to the kids' rooms and licks them (nearly to) death, and cries if the doors aren't open.  Could there be anything more adorable?  Methinksnot.

Then there's Rodeo, the 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog.  What you're seeing is generally what we see all. day. long.  

Seriously, how could this not be fun?  And we get paid to participate.   =)


The Professor's Wife said...

What an awesome, creative idea Jesse! How fun!

Joyful said...

This is a great way to combine loves of dogs with limited budget. I've long wanted a dog but can't have one in my condo. I've been considering dog walking too ;-)

Jessie Bee said...

Thanks guys! We are actually on our SECOND client - watching a little dog named Nika who is OH SO ADORABLE. We've definitely gotten lucky with these clients. And in fact, the first one wants to use us again in a couple weeks. =)

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